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Welcome to Resilience Professionals Blog – All about Business Resilience

Welcome to Resilience Professionals Blog – All about Business Resilience

As the Directors of Resilience Professionals Ltd, David, Serhiy and Sheila would like to welcome you to this blog, which is all about Business Resilience and associated topics. We set up Resilience Professionals to provide organisations with support from professionals who specialise in Business Resilience. This starts with the Directors, who are co-authors of the book ‘Business Resilience; a practical guide to sustained progress delivered at pace’ which was published by Kogan Page in April. We have also developed the materials and exams for the APMG Business Resilience Fundamentals qualification. You can read about us in the ‘Our People’ section on the website.

So what will we do to support you and how will this blog contribute?

The support is by providing advice from a Resilience Professional or who can be an interim to establish or improve the level of Business Resilience or we can train you or your team to improve the level of Business Resilience in your organization.

The blog will contribute by sharing insights from organizations, mapping to other standards, explaining how it complements other approaches and discussing tools or techniques to assist your implementation of the Business Resilience Framework.

We are kicking off with a fantastic series of Insights from a company which turned around from major challenges to success that demonstrates each Element of the Business Resilience Framework in action. It has been offered by a participant on a training course for the Business Resilience Fundamentals qualification that recognised the importance of the Framework.

We believe in a culture which makes people want to join, improve and contribute to the Evolving Vision of the organization. That’s why this should be interactive. We want your feedback and input, not only to improve what we are providing but to share your experiences as well.

Resilience Professionals is the first organisation to be accredited by APMG to deliver the Business Resilience Fundamentals course and qualification. It is based on the Business Resilience Framework and provides practical tools, techniques and approaches to return to work confident about where to start. We have a 100% successful track record in examinations, to date.

Whether you are a resilient organization which wants to certify the level of Business Resilience or an organisation with significant challenges that wants to improve its level of Business Resilience contact the Resilience Professionals. We offer a free of charge initial discussion so be in touch at Team@ResilienceProfessionals.com or +44 (0)1202 555733. We look forward to talking to you.

David Roberts, CEO and Chief Resilience Officer, Serhiy Kovela, CTO and Chief Value Officer and Sheila Roberts, COO and Chief Progress Officer.

Jamais Cascio is a San Francisco Bay Area–based author and futurist. His quote identifies the separate parts of resilience whilst Business Resilience combines overcoming the unexpected,

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