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Our People

A photograph of David Roberts
David Roberts,

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Resilience Officer

A photograph of Sheila Roberts
Sheila Roberts,

Chief Operations Officer, Chief Progress Officer

A photograph of Dr Serhiy Kovela
Dr Serhiy Kovela,

Chief Value Officer, Chief Technology Officer

“Achievements are undoubtedly a combination of inner strength and the support of those around me”

– David Roberts, CEO

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David Roberts

This is the story of my evolution as a professional; one of personal resilience and making progress against the odds.

My Resilience Story

I studied Business and Industrial Technology for my first degree, focusing on the Nuclear Power industry, just a few years after Britain was recovering from its first Oil crisis; next came the 3-mile Island Nuclear Power Plant Disaster in 1979, with a planned $1bn clean-up plan, and then UK government decided to end the reliance on Nuclear in UK. Whilst I was still working to complete my course in 1980, my occupational options looked brighter towards Business than Technology.

I entered the UK Auto industry that year working in Marketing, but confidence and energy were at a low ebb, and I decided to pivot into Pharmaceuticals and Health. After earning an MBA I returned to university-life teaching Business and Consulting, before securing a number of executive healthcare positions, ultimately rising to Director of Health Services for British Forces Germany.

I began to realise my working life was driven by fulfilling a series of quite unpredictable, short-term organisation objectives, cycles of opportunities from which it would be necessary to move on. So, with some successes, however no solid basis for personal growth or the contentment of a family life, I realised the need to work through cycles of short-term gains. I decided to professionalise my capabilities to get things done in organisations and secure my own future.

It was a tough call to return from overseas, set up a new home, in a new town, and then create a start-up business in a new industry from ground zero; a growth mindset would have been great- but if you feel you are a little lacking in self conviction – and many of us are- then it helps to have a brilliant partner! Life’s doubters fell away as we built our business; twenty years later we are still learning, still sharing and still innovating new business practices in response to today’s volatile crises.

Current Achievements


1987                      MBA – Finance and Marketing electives – Sheffield University

1980                      BSc (Hons) Business & Science-Industrial Studies – Sheffield University

Current Roles:

ON-GOING                   CUPE International: Founder/CEO: Leading PPM Consultancy & Professional Services

2017/19 – Date              ABC Non-Executive Director, Agile Implementation Partner and Active Member

2015 – Date                   Institute of Consulting –Fellow IC (2015); CMC Member (P4124581 since 2004)

2012 – Date                   APMG Registered Consultant & UK Organisation Standards Committee Member

Continuing Professional Development / PPM qualifications:

2022 APMG                  IPA International Infrastructure Business Case – Practitioner certification.

2020 CWB                    Resilience Practitioner

2020 CMI                      Chartered Management Consultant (Ch. MC) standard.

2019 APM                     Chartered Project Professional (Ch. PP) standard.

2019 APMG                  Facilitation Foundation certification

2019 APMG                  Agile Digital Services – Practitioner Level & Approved Trainer; Scrum Master

2018 ABC                     Agile Digital services: Private Beta Training Initiative.

2018 APMG                  Business IT Foundation certification

2018 APM                     APM-PMQ certification

2017 Axelos                  P3M3 Consultant Assessor & Registered PRINCE2 -2017 Practitioner (P2 since 2001)

2016 APMG                  Earned Value Management Approved Trainer – Re-Accredited to 2022

2015 APMG                  PRINCE2Agile, Agile Project & Programme Management Approved Trainer.

2014 APMG                  P3O – Practitioner and Approved Trainer

2014 APMG                  Better Business Cases Practitioner and Approved Trainer – Re-Accredited to 2024

2013 APMG                  MSP® Advanced Practitioner & Approved Trainer: (MSP since 2006 & Reaccredited.)

2013 APMG                  PRINCE2® Registered Professional: APMG Expert; Approved Trainer Reaccredited

2011 APMG                  MoP™ Foundation & Practitioner: Approved Trainer

2010 APMG                  Agile PM™ & MoV™: Registered Practitioner, Trainer & ATO APMG representative

Current Professional  Roles & Executive Summary:

Director: CEO CUPE INTERNATIONAL: Co-Founder & CEO since 2001. Developed/trained PPM certification methods (see below); 20 years ongoing accreditation in consulting, professional practice, methods & CPD.

Non-executive Director: AGILE BUSINESS CONSORTIUM, Appointed September 2019:

Chartered Management Consultant & Chartered Project Professional: a Fellow since 2015 provided PPM audit & advisory services in Defence, Energy, Finance, Government, Logistics, Medical sectors, worldwide.

Certified Trainer since 2001. Multiple PPM methods; ongoing re-accreditation, professional practice & CPD.

APMG Examination Pass rate at Recertification Assessment January 2019: Foundation 97%; Practitioner 100%

Executive: Prior to 2001, Dir. British Forces Germany Medical Services; Dir. Strategy Welsh Office/NHS Trusts

Hopes for a more Resilient Future

Resilience and sustainability are now recognised as core to all our futures; but how are we going to achieve them with so many headwinds to progress? Application of Technology is a great enabler, and so is organisational ingenuity. Finding brilliant ways to collaborate in our everyday lives is becoming ever more important for businesses and organisations of all sizes in our ever more complex and connected world. Professional resilience will be key, and it is my purpose to explore how this can be done effectively in collaboration, and to share it to build a brighter future.

Sheila Roberts

This is the story of my evolution as a professional; one of personal resilience and making progress against the odds.

My Resilience Story

My development in the field of resilience started as a Sister (Chief Nurse) in Intensive Care. I realised that we needed more to support the families, staff, and organisation to deliver the level of care which we really wanted to provide. I did two things. The first was to undertake a counselling course – which has stood me in good stead, and I have used the skills gained in many settings. The other was to learn more about general management of healthcare to ensure we could invest in equipment and training to keep up with innovations and introduce better treatments. This, in turn, led to moving into general management, project management and then co-founding a business which has delivered consulting and training internationally for global organisations.

We have survived the dot com crash, financial crisis, changes to the accreditation process, supply chain disruption, unethical practices by those purporting to be partners and more recently the global pandemic. Through the more than two decades of being in business and working with organisations from international blue chip companies, to governments, to charities, to micro companies I have gathered an understanding of what works and how to make progress through both favourable and unfavourable conditions. There are times when survival is progress, times when innovation is critical and other times when it’s good to reap the rewards of your efforts.

The network of contacts I have made through our business led to working with others who have both academic and business backgrounds to produce the Business Resilience Framework. I have enjoyed the journey to identify those elements which contribute to greater Business Resilience and considering the things which have enabled a practical framework to build resilience to be developed.

Current Achievements

Professional Bodies

2019 – Present           APM Chair of Examiners APM PMQ, PPQ and Risk Level 2

2018 – Present           APM ChPP Assessor

2016 – 2017                AXELOS – PRINCE2 2017 Reference Group, Quality & Exam Reviewer

2014 – Present           ASPECT – Treasurer and APMG Liaison, currently Chair

2014 – Present           APM Full Member

2012 – 2014                 APMG Exam Board – Accredited Training Organisations Representative

2001 – 2012                APMG Examination Panel – Member then from 2004 Examination Reviewer

 Continuing Professional Development / PPM qualifications

2019                FitSM Trainer, Scrum Master Trainer

2018                ChPP Assessor, MSP Foundation, FitSM Foundation (Trainer application in process)

2017                PRINCE2 2017 version Approved Trainer

2016                Agile Programme Management Foundation APMG

2015                Change Management Practitioner (2015 version), Agile Business Analysis, Planning, Monitoring and Control, PRINCE2 Agile 2015 APMG

2014                Better Business Cases Practitioner APMG

2013                Change Management Practitioner, Facilitation approved trainer APMG

2012                Agile Project Management Practitioner APMG

2011                P3O Approved Trainer, Management of Portfolios Practitioner APMG

2010                Earned Value Management Approved Trainer, Management of Value Practitioner

2002                PMI Qualified (lapsed)

2000                PRINCE2® Approved trainer APMG

1999                Risk Management, University Hospital of Wales

1998                PRINCE2® Practitioner

1994                Senior Management Development Programme, University Hospital of Wales

1994                Diploma in Healthcare Management, Institute of Health Services Management

1994                Diploma in Management Studies, University of Glamorgan

1992                Further Education Teaching Certificate, Swansea College of Further Education

1992 -4            General Management Training Scheme II – NHS Wales

1991                Marketing for Health Services, Cranfield University

1981-92           Registered General Nurse, Certified in Counselling, Advanced Life Support, Cliff Rescue, Haemodialysis, Intravenous Therapy, Statistics for                           Research

Hopes for a more Resilient Future

All businesses need to be resilient to survive challenging VUCA conditions. At the same time they also need to make progress, not simply protect what is already in place. The Business Resilience Framework enables all organisations to implement foundations to ensure they have the right processes, practices, products and services in place to deal with the challenges which will inevitably arise. My objective is to support organisations and individuals to implement any or all the elements in the Business Resilience Framework to strengthen their level of resilience at the right pace for the situation. We can measure the baseline position and the level of resilience at points along the journey to ensure the value initiatives which are implemented are effective to both make progress and improve resilience. My vision is to translate implementation of the framework to become the way things are done by the organisation.

Dr Serhiy Kovela

This is the story of my evolution as a professional; one of personal resilience and making progress against the odds.

My Resilience Story

I studied Electrical Engineering for my first university degree, which coincided in time with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent break-up of supply chains across the newly independent former Soviet republics. As the initial course was no longer viable in my final year of study, I rapidly re-qualified as a Computer Engineer and Software Developer. It allowed me to do my capstone project for my Masters but also opened up the route to a Ph.D. in Computer Science. After getting my Ph.D. I concentrated on applied research in software engineering, running an independent research group.

As financial opportunities in the academic field were scarce in the newly independent Ukraine, I pivoted to capitalizing on the intellectual capital of my team by delivering commercial software projects for international clients. This experience made me understand that I lacked some basic business knowledge, so I pivoted again and took up a post at Kingston Business School as a lecturer in Business Information Systems while looking to do an MBA there.

I completed my MBA a few years later, subsequently expanded my teaching portfolio to Project Management, and became a specialist in Agile Project Management and Business Agility too. My further academic and practitioner work led to a fruitful collaboration with David and Sheila Roberts from CUPE International Ltd. and culminated in the invention of the Business Resilience Framework and the formation of Resilience Professionals Ltd. Resilience Professionals is a company specializing in Business Resilience training and consultancy, and as its Chief Value Officer, I am really excited about the next leg of the journey!

Current Achievements


2008 – 2010       MBA, Commendation – Kingston University London

2003 – 2004       PG Certificate T&L in Higher Education – Kingston University London

1996 – 2000       PhD Computer Science – Lviv Polytechnic National University

1991 – 1996       MSc Electrical Engineering, top 5% – Lviv Polytechnic National University

Professional Association Engagement:

2021 – present   Volunteer – Project Management Institute, UK Chapter

2018 – 2019       Ambassador for Ukraine – Agile Business Consortium

2013 – 2019       Secretary, Entrepreneurship Panel – Worshipful Company of Information Technologists

2010 – 2011       Committee member, Central and South East branch – Association of MBAs

2009 – 2012       Executive Committee member, Young Professionals Group – British Computer Society

Professional Association Membership:

2021 – Present  Member – Project Management Institute, UK Chapter

2021 – Present  Member – Association for Project Management

2021 – Present  Member – Chartered Association of Business Schools

2018 – Present  Member – Agile Business Consortium

2016 – Present  Member – Chartered Management Institute

2015 – Present  Fellow – Higher Education Academy

2009 – Present Liveryman – Worshipful Company of Information Technologists

2010 – 2011       Member – Association of MBAs

2003 – 2011       Chartered Member – British Computer Society

Professional Awards and Qualifications:

2022      Accredited Business Resilience Trainer – APMG

2021      Certified Management & Business Educator – Chartered Association of Business Schools

2019      Accredited AgilePM Trainer – APMG

2019      AgilePM Practitioner – APMG

2019      Scrum Master – APMG

2019      Facilitation Practitioner – APMG

2017      AgilePM Foundation – Agile Business Consortium

2013      MSP Practitioner – APMG

2013      PRINCE2 Practitioner – APMG

2006     Chartered IT Professional – British Computer Society

Hopes for a more Resilient Future

In today’s world rife with crises, we are left with no alternative but to make Business Resilience a new paradigm for business management across the board. I see three key aspects to it – pervasiveness and connectedness of resilience-focused initiatives across the five levels of organization (from individuals to partners network), efficient operationalization of planning and execution of such initiatives, and the central role of leadership in establishing and facilitating the resilience-focused culture in the organization. My mission is to advocate for this critically important paradigm and work collaboratively with a broad range of partners to develop it further.

A word from our CEO – David Roberts

“I have had the good fortune to work in many business disciplines, companies, industries, countries; and met so many people. And I’ve collected quite a few certifications and experiences along the way. But as I reflect on what has been done, it is the willingness to learn from success and failures of yourself and others; to recognise when the force field of relationships around you is creating or draining your energy, and to adapt, which is needed to make progress.

Achievements, although given individually, are so often a reflection of what can be achieved with support of the people around us, in academic life, home life and organisational life. Achievements are undoubtedly a combination of inner strength and the support of those around me; this is my moment to say thank you to all those teachers, friends, colleagues and partners without whom my career path would have been less engaging, less interesting and certainly less exciting; it has been a very diverse journey of achievement, but one characterised by partnering as well as perseverance.”