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Business Resilience Fundamentals – Certification

What is Business Resilience?

In our VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world, organizational Business Resilience is key to adapting, surviving and thriving.

The world is experiencing a level of disruption and business risk not seen in generations. Some companies freeze and fail, while others innovate, advance, and even thrive. The difference is resilience. As crises become more frequent, the ability to thrive in crises is now essential.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines resilience – in an organizational context – as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties”.

A resilient business is one which is capable not of just withstanding shocks and disruptions in the business environment, but also capable of adapting to and taking advantage of them. It is more than simply bouncing back after a crisis or being an agile organization.


Business Resilience Fundamentals is a first of it’s kind APMG Certified Methodology

By attending a Business Resilience (BR) course, you will learn the key principles and terminology within the BR Framework. Specifically, they should understand:


    • The underpinning principles of BR


    • The BR Framework Domains and Elements


    • The PURE strategies to implement BR


    • The BR tools, their benefits and limitations


    • The roles and responsibilities within the BR Framework


    • How the BR Framework can be adapted to optimize organizational benefits


Who is Business Resilience Fundamentals for?

The APMG Business Resilience (BR) course and qualification are aimed at:


    • Leaders in organizations


    • Practicing managers in PPM, including PMOs, change, transformation, business continuity, risk, product and service development, organizational development, and operations.


    • Team members who wish to become BR Initiative Leaders, Progress Masters or BR Owners.


    • Others who have an interest in improving BR in an organization




Bespoke and In-house courses

Resilience Professional’s in-house option is the best way to train groups of staff on your premises.  The course can be scheduled to fit in with your company’s calendar and for groups of 4 or more, this works out more cost-effective than having them attend a public course.

The course can be tailored to suit your needs by building the course around your business and business processes thereby making the course more relevant to your circumstances.


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