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Levelling Up on ‘How to Build a Business Resilience Plan’

Levelling Up on ‘How to Build a Business Resilience Plan’

As Resilience Professionals David Roberts and I were delighted to be a part of the panel which delivered the ‘How to Build a Business Resilience Plan’ APMG Level Up session on the 24th October. It was a lively and informative session which ranged across the topic and related areas.

For anyone who is not familiar with Level Up it is a live streaming series which goes out twice a week and is hosted by APMG International. It attracts an international audience who are interested in improving business practices. APMG identify it as a panel Q&A to help you level up your career with APMG, live-streamed to YouTube and LinkedIn. You can see more on the APMG website. https://apmg-international.com/level-up This recording can be found by searching for ‘Business Resilience’ or looking for Episode 105.

The panel included professionals based in Germany, Singapore, UK and the USA. They have expertise in leadership, agile and business continuity, in addition to David and myself who bring project and programme management as well as Business Resilience, using the Business Resilience Framework.

It ensured different perspectives on the questions posed by the audience and gave a richness to the responses. The audience was equally diverse with both major corporates and individuals represented from several continents.

David and I wanted to participate as Business Resilience is an incredibly important topic in such uncertain times. Business Resilience is interpreted in different ways by different people and this was shown during the Level Up Session as the very first question asked what the difference is between Business Resilience and Business Continuity. There is a common misconception that they are the same or very similar. However, the panel explained that Business Resilience is more than Business Continuity. All the panellists were enthusiastic about Business Resilience and gave good answers to the questions from the audience.

As the Chief Examiner for the APMG Business Resilience Fundamentals qualification I was delighted to have the opportunity to recommend this training for the audience to learn more about Business Resilience.

It is a well-structured course which helps understand what Business Resilience is, the different Elements of the Business Resilience Framework, how to measure the level of Business Resilience and how to implement it using a range of strategies.

As a starting point you can read the book – available from the APMG Bookshop https://store.apmg-international.com/study-materials/business-resilience . If you have any other questions we will be delighted to answer. www.resilienceprofessionals.com

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