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About Video

In this video, David Roberts and Serhiy Kovela, co-founders and respective CEO/CRO and CVO/CTO of Resilience Professionals, discuss the Business Resilience Framework.

Serhiy elucidates the philosophy of the Business Resilience Framework and its practical application during VUCA times, as well as the importance of organisations looking forward to the future to prepare for the unknown.

Project Info

  • Date : Apr 12, 2023
  • YouTube channel : APMG International
  • Category : Business Resilience, APMG International


Business Resilience is a robust framework designed to ensure that organisations can deliver progress at a sustained pace during VUCA times. A resilient business is one which is capable not of just withstanding shocks and disruptions in the business environment, but also capable of adapting to and taking advantage of them. It is more than simply bouncing back after a crisis or being an agile organization. Training courses guide participants on implementing and adapting a range of tools to build and enhance organizational resilience.