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Business Resilience Fundamentals

The next generation of project professionals have arrived! Learn about Business Resilience and how you can become a leader in this rapidly expanding field.

Strategies for Getting started

Know your organization’s resilience level and identify a PURE strategy to improve it with BRIT workshops.

Resilience Professional Roles

Certified Resilience Professionals work as a Business Resilience Owner, Progress Master or Initiative Leader to improve resilience.

Do you want a Resilience Profile of your Organization?

Resilience Professionals are available to assess organisational practices against the Business Resilience Framework and tailor BRIT workshops to raise domain elements to the next level.

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Business Resilience Profile

A profile measuring 5 Domains and 22 Elements of the Business Resilience Framework. One or all Elements can be covered.

PACE Culture

Identify and invest in 4  PACE Culture Elements to deliver a resilient and sustainable organisational culture.


Identify and invest in a set of organizational guidance to enhance Business Relationships and Decision-Making.


Identify and invest in 8 progress Elements, to improve products, services, processes and practices.

RESILIENCE Foundations

Identify and invest in 8 functional Elements for competitiveness and efficiency, economy and

Business Resilience Roles

Identify and invest in Roles which ensure sustainable progress whilst improving Business Resilience.

Helping Organizations just like yours to be more Resilient

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Resilience Professionals
Resilience Profiles
BRIT Workshops

Frequently Asked Question

You can ask our Resilience Professionals about any aspect of Business Resilience. How to measure the baseline, how to implement, how to improve, how to deliver sustained progress. Our Resilience Professionals can answer most questions. Our passion is to help you improve your level of Business Resilience and deliver sustained progress for your organization.

We have many, many decades of experience behind us. All consultants at Resilience Professionals are qualified in many best practices and have the skill of using them. This enables our Resilience Professionals to draw on a wide set of capabilities to deliver improved Business Resilience. They understand the Business Resilience Framework in depth and have been involved in the development of the best practice. Our expertise and experience is the best reason to use us.

Business Resilience and Initiative Team (BRIT) workshops are designed to guide the organization through the implementation or improvement journey from choosing the right strategy to re-profiling the level of Business Resilience which has been achieved. BRIT workshops are facilitated by skilled Resilience Professionals who understand how to reach the best outcomes from each workshop.

The Business Resilience Fundamentals qualification is available from APMG International from June 6th 2022. Resilience Professionals will be able to provide e-learning, virtual or face to face classroom training to gain certification. Our trainers have been involved in Business Resilience since the Framework was developed. As the organization with the greatest understanding of the Business Resilience Framework we are best placed to share this knowledge and prepare you for your exam.

The Business Resilience Framework is a new best practice and like all best practices is based on sound evidence drawn from many years of experience gathered by the authors. In the book ‘Business Resilience; a practical guide to sustained progress delivered at pace’ the authors share 5 in depth insights of organizations which have demonstrated the Business Resilience Framework domains and elements. In addition, there are many examples and vignettes drawn from their own experiences and observations.


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